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Lizanne Leclair

Lizanne is a practionner in several healing modalities. such as Reiki, Shamballah, Ho’oponopono, Etheric Clearing, Chakra Balancing. She is gifted in the arts of divination, card reading and spiritual guidance. She is also a meditation instructor, prefer to work with chanting, binatural beats, akashic records mindfulness and guided meditation styles.

She is a mother of 5 children and grand-mother of 2 children. She prides herself in being a daughter, sister, mother, grand-mother and auntie.

As a public servant, she has been working for over 20 years with both adults and youth. She has attended training specially in regards to indigenous peoples, mental health and child development. Though different modalities (intuitive art, meditation, energy healing) she encourages others to have an open mind and to always do things with a good heart. Being a ceremonial person she has gained knowledge, which she carries in her bundle. Some of these teachers include cedar bath, traditional drum making and cleansing of homes.

She sits on various committees in her community such as, Sisters in Spirit and Looking Ahead to build the spirit of our women, learning to live free from violence project. She participated as a keeper when Sudbury hosted the Walking with our Sisters Bundle, by Christy Belcourt in 2017.

Through Vere: Golden Journey, she co-facilitates a hand drum group and a Trauma and Anxiety support circle (Now it’s all… about me). she creates workshops which include traditional teachings and spirituality to assist people with self esteem, anger, anxiety, stress, grief, self harm and reconnection to self and to nature.

Lizanne believes that you are never given more than you can bare. The greatest gift is that of your infinity. So enjoy caring for your spirit!

So enjoy caring for your spirit!

The Bear, Fear and Respect

The Bear is considered to be a powerful animal. Its presence alone instills fear in any animal or human and commands respect from all who enter its territory. The Iroquois people hold the bear in high esteem for its noble spirit, wisdom and strength.

Members of the Bear Clan are strong and fearless. They are designated “medicine people” of the Iroquois. Bear Clan people are considered to be wise teachers, and will stand united against anything that threatens their nationhood. They believe true strength lies in moral character and strive to live by it. There is a strong spiritual connection to the bear among all Bear Clan people. It continues to align them with all that they consider sacred, and to their brother – the Bear.

Bear Clan

Is the major traditional healer, the bear protection is very important in the areas of medicine and spiritual health. The bear collects and spreads medicine in the forest by its constant digging for roots and foraging. The bear is strongly related to the spirit world as it completes a fast during the winter months and enters into dream time. The Bear in the month of February sends to the universe a signal of rebirth, when the bear turns inside its den in the belly of mother earth. The bear occupies a big territory and patrols the area, securing the land from harm. It is said that the bear can astral travel and perform distance healing. The bear is a powerful animal guide, strong and brave. The Bear can also adapt to his or her environment.

I am honored to be part of the Bear clan. I hope to honor the Bear by learning all I can about native traditional medicine, and offering energy healing with my bear helper.

I have been trained in REIKI (level 3) and Shamballah, (level 3), these modalities in combination with my native traditional teachings I offer an Inter Dimensional Etheric Healing. I can teach astral projection and travel in dream time to those interested in learning such a practice for personal knowledge and growth.

I was given my clan during a sweat lodge ceremony conducted by Paula Potts. I will be forever grateful for that ceremony. I had many visits from bears in dream time, ceremony and in the physical world.
I worry about the bears and how they are perceived to be a nuisance in our world today. I pray for, fast for and feast the bear as often as I can.


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