You are not alone in your Journey

Let me heal, coach and take your hand.
Together we are stonger.

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Energy Healing

Reiki and Shamballah
LEVEL 3 ontained in both modalities


Is a wonderful spiritual practice that in its original form was an enlightenment producing system that allowed a person to heal and heal others. In its journey westward. Usuis Raiju Ryiho was taught to Chujiro Hayashi. He modified the system to have a greater healing emphasis on symbols rather than spiritual practices and empowerments. Reiki is a healing technique beased on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by mean of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body.


Is the energy of unconditional love. Shamballa healing aids you in awakening your multidimentional self. It is a way of faciliating wholeness, achieved by riding you of blockages and old emotional debris during a healing session. Introduced by St Germain and reintroduced by john Aimtage in 1995.

“Once a practitioner is attuned, they develop their own style of channeling the energy…”
– Lizanne Laclair

Why chose when you can benefit from both modalities?

Q: Can you mix energies?     
A: Of course, everything comes from the source.

Q: How much energy will I receive from a session?
A: the more open you are to receiving energy without attachment to outcome and without judgement the mor eyou will receive.

Spiritual Coaching

We will bring in the New Energy, the New
Earth…. as we journey together towards
awakening and ascension.

Take My Hand

I realize that my abilities are very eclectic and my knowledge and ability to work with different energies and modalities can be overwhelming. Knowledge of many things master of none. I hold several certificates in many different disciplines. I will never know all there is to know, however I will always be a student and work towards bettering myself in turn my usefulness to the universal energies. Perhaps we are here to learn all we can and discover for ourselves the truth.

Using my knowledge and experienceto assist you in crafting what you need, and make use oof the modalities you are comfortable with. I am a Joker they say born on Dec 31, which enables me to shape shift and adjust to my surroundings and the people I meet.

I prefer native traditional teachings and those of other indigenous people such as Shippibo and Navajo. I can make referrals in these areas to reputable Elders, Conductors and Road Men. I search for those that work from the heart as I do. In my bundle I carry teachings of some medicines, healing circles, drum making, song, cedar bath, and cleansing ceremonies. I understand the importance of fasting and caring for our physical vehicle, emotional and spiritual bodies.

“Together we are stronger.”

I also have knowledge of meditation and benefits of same on the bodies. Including returning to the heart center to find our inner-dimensional selves, searching through our own Akashic records. I have knowledge of Chakra system and the main 7 centers we are to master in this life time and can assist you in discovering them and releasing bloackages.

I have a love for art and use different modalities to help healing and offer better insight into situations we have created for ourselves. I am an intuitive artist. Many of my pieces come directly from dream time when our guides find us easier to reach and teach us our ego and our left brain are busy resting.

I have my coaching certificate and specialize in trauma, domestic violence and sexual assault. I can offer personal experience and an empathetic, nonjudgemental ear. I understand the ties that keep us locked away in an abusive relationship and how it could be that we did not really know how abusive it is or was.

Yes, I work with youth for over 20 years in several capacities. The youth are very resilient and insightful when given the opportunity to freely discuss their issues and needs.

If you chose me as a spiritual Coach you will experience something geared to you and what you are wanting and willing to learn. How far you go and in which direction is completely up to you. I just hope you answer the Call 11:11. It’s time for a change of frequency.

Trauma Coaching

Domestic Violence, PTSD

“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating the change you do choose.”

Lizanne invites you to join and share this wonderful journey. She is a true believer that any

Bio for Trauma/
Spiritual Coaching

Lizanne is a survivor of Domestic Violence, physical abuse, trauma, and loss. On December 29, 2009, a near-death experience sent her on a path of self-discovery and healing.

Lizanne will provide a scientific explanation of trauma and she will use a combination of coaching tools, such as CBT, DBT, ACT, Relationship Building, and Intuitive Art Therapy.

The coach wants you to commit to yourself and reframe the way you think and relate to the trauma you’ve experienced.

How do you know you have trauma-related issues?
Ask Yourself.

Have you forgotten who you are? Have you changed? Do you like who you are? Can you return to yourself? Do you seem to be triggered? Do you have a nightmare? Recurring memories or intrusive thoughts at inconvenient times? Do events from the past affect your day-to-day living, relationships, work, and productivity? Have you considered medication to alleviate anxiety?

Serious injury to the body, as from physical violence or an accident, severe emotional or mental distress caused by an experience; an experience that causes severe anxiety or emotional distress, such as rape or combat: memories that persist after a trauma occurs; an event or situation that causes great disruption or suffering.

Trauma Coaching

Domestic Violence, PTSD

At the more advanced levels, Lizanne enjoys Akashic Records meditation where we can visit the Halls of Amenti and explore, astral projection, our multi-dimentional universe, other dimension, past lives, sending healing to others and increasing the light in the Crystalline Grid that surrounds our Earth. Of course we will be learning techniques of self-protection, travelling in out Merkaba.

Increase your
inner flame

The coach Lizanne Leclair will guide you through, chanting, mindfulness, binaural and channeled meditations. These techniques help you connect with your higher self and your guides it turn it helps increase your inner flame.

Several people I have met along the way have complained of not being successful at meditating. I say people have high expectations and sometimes unrealistic ones of achieving no thought. Furthermore, it would seem that the people pay little or no attention to the type of music they select or type of guided mediation they chose. Most often people are unaware of their own energy blockages in their chakra system and select frequencies that offend their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, or frequencies they are not ready to benefit from.

Therefore during meditations at VERE: Golden Journey I will offer teachings about our Chakra System, chanting, pineal gland, frequencies and essential oils for better results.

As we all know, everyone, no exception, can achieve meditation.

There would be a few with courage to dare pass through the entrance of this high (consciousness is the) doorway that leads to the dark portal of Amenti (Through hte gateway of your inner eye). I raise myself (my energy) over to that passage, (the inner eye) by using the mighty pyramid power, this way you will overcomes Earth force (overcoming the gravity of your feelings/desires).

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